Saturday, December 3, 2011

Green Depression Glass Divided Relish

Oh what a lovely find this was.  A mint condition Y-shaped, divided relish!  This pattern is by Hazel Atlas, circa 1932-35 called Florentine Number 2.  The rich green glass seems to glow from within.  So perfect for the holidays, now what to serve in this?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Swanky Swigs "Kiddie Kups" and Pyrex

Not to feel left out, I'm finding some treasures of my own. Fridgies are REALLY hard to find here, lids impossible! I happened upon these two cute Swanky Swigs glasses, and they are legit. They're called Kiddie Kups and they are the "Canadian" 4 1/2 inch glasses. Sorry the sun was so strong the patterns don't show as well.

And YES, the dip bowl from the Balloons set!


and Blue Horizon divided Casserole in fabulous shape. Now if only I was collecting Turquoise or Blue!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spring Blossom Green for Dudder #2 !

Still 3 years to go before she flies, but Dudder #2 has the makings of a fine collection of Spring Blossom Green Corelle, and Verde Pyrex! Of course it will also look great with her sister's Butterfly Gold, so if they ever want they can mix up the sets. I'm finding some of these pieces even harder to find, good thing I still have time! And Avocado Green Lido Glassware matches, naturally!

Only two choices of cup or mug so far... more work to be done!

Now to find a proper place to store these safely until she needs them!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Butterfly Gold!

What does Momma Koby do when Dudder #1 is flying away from the nest to University? She starts collecting dishes and pyrex, of course!
I had once read in cyberland how a very wise lady was starting collections of vintage dishes for her children. We all know that this thrifting takes time! So once the pattern was decided - of course

-Butterfly Gold (one of the original Livingware patterns) -
for Dudder #1 it began in earnest.

Dudder #2's pattern just happened... but I digress...

Time passed, lots of Thrifting happened, even a trip to an Antique Mall, and voila a usable set to start her kitchen.

September came, she flew and so did parts of her collection. Small Dorm kitchens don't have a lot of space, so overflow is stored at her "big" home. Since then I have been able to pick up a few more pieces - with her Aunt's help as well - but there is still a wish list.
And that takes time...

What to do when you don't know which cup or mug style she will prefer? Why collect them all!
See Corelle Corner for style info

Anchor Hocking Lido glassware just happened to go so well, as did a number of other vintage amber glassware pieces of mine!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If only my litle cup could talk!

On my last thrifting adventure with my sister in Guelph, I came across some Depression Glass that was crying for a new home. These pieces were shoved into a shelf, but the cold sun managed to muster a gleem from them. Now I don't see REAL Depression Glass too often in the Thrift stores, so I grab them when I can. This little orphan guy is "Fruits" (1931 - 1953 by Hazel-Atlas Glass Company) Alas, he must have suffered so! On the rim of the cup there must have been a chip which someone has filed down. The filing was done reasonable well, so I won't cut my lip on it. But the poor dear! So of course, I've given him a new home, and use him to cheer him up. For $1.99 he was more than worth it.

Now these two gems really piqued my interest. Having just read a blog by Sherry @ Back 2 Vintage , I knew they were special and only $.99 each. They are "Panel Optic" by Federal Glass Company, 1930's. I've heard them referred to as "Pudding cups" and I think that's just perfect for my 2 girls! They have their individual imperfections like most Depression Glass, but no chips or cracks like my Fruit! They're marked with an "F" within a shield, the Federal Glass Company mark. Sherry originally thought they were Fry Glass, I thought they were Fire King! There is so little info about them out there. They're not in any of my books, but I've found a few photos on the internet. Thanks, Sherry! Wow, we're all still learning!

So these were my latest fun finds. Now off to enjoy my Cappuccino before it gets cold!

- Lydia

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jade-ite and more!

I found three of these little darlings and loved their creamy color. They're marked "Corex" made in Canada. (that would have been the Corning Glassware plant in Leaside, Toronto.) For my American friends, they're made off the U.S. Cremax pattern, and are very similar to Piecrust in design. Production began in 1948

Then I spotted Jade-ite! I had no idea if it was real or fake, but they looked old and were the right color . They were also available in a Forest Green glass, but they looked nicer in the jade. I picked the best ones they had and made like a bandit to the Goodwill cashier.

According to my trusty reference book "Fire King and More" by Gene Florence, they're called Fire King Jade-ite Leaf and Blossom set. Worth a pretty penny too, so I did well!

I also found these beautiful green vintage goblets to match my Depression Glass.

Not bad, all of these for $20!

(Merry Christmas to me!)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Cavalier" Luminarc, France

"Cavalier" Luminarc, France, originally uploaded by Lydia Koby.

I love my red Luminarc glassware! My parents used to collect these back in the '70's, and I've been fortunate to have "thrifted" a complete set of 8 of everything! I'm looking forward to using them again over the holidays, they look so festive on the table. I've even been able to add a few pieces of green to spruce up the set.