Friday, November 25, 2011

Swanky Swigs "Kiddie Kups" and Pyrex

Not to feel left out, I'm finding some treasures of my own. Fridgies are REALLY hard to find here, lids impossible! I happened upon these two cute Swanky Swigs glasses, and they are legit. They're called Kiddie Kups and they are the "Canadian" 4 1/2 inch glasses. Sorry the sun was so strong the patterns don't show as well.

And YES, the dip bowl from the Balloons set!


and Blue Horizon divided Casserole in fabulous shape. Now if only I was collecting Turquoise or Blue!


  1. I love it. Both turquoise and blue would do!

  2. I think I found a cup for your set. Finding a fridgie for it around here would be impossible. Ooo, I want to go dig it out now, but I've a bum leg. don't let me forget!!!