Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet Labatt Blue!

Thank you so very much Erin "Yard Sale Snoop" !
You and your wonderful family brought this Blue Beauty all the way over to us.
He/She (we're not really sure - it's so young) is settling in very well at it's new home.
It found the food dish, hopped onto our fingers a few times and gives a wonderful little chirp which sounds like a light saber (according to my daughter). Our older budgie - Corona - is avoiding the new addition for the mean while, but is not hostile. Let's hope they become friends.
We've settled on the name Labatt Blue for now - sounds like a theme here.
It was so wonderful to meet you and your family. I hope you had a nice day at the Conservation Area nearby.
Isn't it wonderful how things could work out for this lovely creature?
Now if only I could get it to pose on some Depression Glass for a great shot...

New addition to our family!

Here I've been so busy this summer, not checking my computer nearly often enough - and then when I do log on - what do I see??? A cute budgie out in the WILD awaiting rescue! My fellow blogger "Yard Sale Snoop" managed to cunningly rescue this cute young budgie and will be bringing him to his new home with us. We can't wait!