Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If only my litle cup could talk!

On my last thrifting adventure with my sister in Guelph, I came across some Depression Glass that was crying for a new home. These pieces were shoved into a shelf, but the cold sun managed to muster a gleem from them. Now I don't see REAL Depression Glass too often in the Thrift stores, so I grab them when I can. This little orphan guy is "Fruits" (1931 - 1953 by Hazel-Atlas Glass Company) Alas, he must have suffered so! On the rim of the cup there must have been a chip which someone has filed down. The filing was done reasonable well, so I won't cut my lip on it. But the poor dear! So of course, I've given him a new home, and use him to cheer him up. For $1.99 he was more than worth it.

Now these two gems really piqued my interest. Having just read a blog by Sherry @ Back 2 Vintage , I knew they were special and only $.99 each. They are "Panel Optic" by Federal Glass Company, 1930's. I've heard them referred to as "Pudding cups" and I think that's just perfect for my 2 girls! They have their individual imperfections like most Depression Glass, but no chips or cracks like my Fruit! They're marked with an "F" within a shield, the Federal Glass Company mark. Sherry originally thought they were Fry Glass, I thought they were Fire King! There is so little info about them out there. They're not in any of my books, but I've found a few photos on the internet. Thanks, Sherry! Wow, we're all still learning!

So these were my latest fun finds. Now off to enjoy my Cappuccino before it gets cold!

- Lydia