Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If only my litle cup could talk!

On my last thrifting adventure with my sister in Guelph, I came across some Depression Glass that was crying for a new home. These pieces were shoved into a shelf, but the cold sun managed to muster a gleem from them. Now I don't see REAL Depression Glass too often in the Thrift stores, so I grab them when I can. This little orphan guy is "Fruits" (1931 - 1953 by Hazel-Atlas Glass Company) Alas, he must have suffered so! On the rim of the cup there must have been a chip which someone has filed down. The filing was done reasonable well, so I won't cut my lip on it. But the poor dear! So of course, I've given him a new home, and use him to cheer him up. For $1.99 he was more than worth it.

Now these two gems really piqued my interest. Having just read a blog by Sherry @ Back 2 Vintage , I knew they were special and only $.99 each. They are "Panel Optic" by Federal Glass Company, 1930's. I've heard them referred to as "Pudding cups" and I think that's just perfect for my 2 girls! They have their individual imperfections like most Depression Glass, but no chips or cracks like my Fruit! They're marked with an "F" within a shield, the Federal Glass Company mark. Sherry originally thought they were Fry Glass, I thought they were Fire King! There is so little info about them out there. They're not in any of my books, but I've found a few photos on the internet. Thanks, Sherry! Wow, we're all still learning!

So these were my latest fun finds. Now off to enjoy my Cappuccino before it gets cold!

- Lydia


  1. How wonderful. I guess it is good someone filed that down so u can drink out of it. So glad they went to a appreciative home!

  2. When you quit learning, you quit living!!! I'm so glad I learned about the Federal mark and that you found those two great sherbets!!!

  3. I just love Cappucinos!!!
    I think I put away something similar... in green too... You are a very good adoptive mother !

  4. Lovely photos and blog post, simply delightful. I figure if I am tolerated with my imperfections then it's only right to be understanding of somebody or something elses. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I love reading about your finds. I do not know anything about depression glass, so I have learned from your post.
    I do love the look of these cups and the pudding cups. Your cappuccino drink looks delicious!
    You are welcome to link this post up to Tea Cup Tuesday on my blog tomorrow night if you would like. I think the ladies would love to see your "Fruits" tea cup and saucer.

  6. Hi: I love depression glass. You are so right, it is hard to find at thrift stores. Your greens are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us. The cup and saucer are my favorites! Blessings, Martha

  7. What wonderful finds! I love that cup and saucer! I have pink, clear, yellow and blue depression glass but, no green as of yet. I keep looking!

  8. Wowza! You certainly do score some amazing pieces and at such a great prices. That's part of the fun, don't you think?

    I know of a Value Village that went from serving it's purpose of selling to the 'needy' to scouring eBay to see what vintage items were going for and then pricing them as such. I never go there anyway but it's a shame.

  9. Last post February 2011? We fellow glass hunters are craving an update! Nice pix, by the way.
    I just found a glass salad/spoon fork @ Sally Ann for 99 cents each. No tax. I almost ran out of the store before they noticed the mistake!

  10. When I popped into your blog after reading your comment elsewhere it was love at first sight! I love vintage dishes, I'm sick with Pyrexia and you tell a sweet story. I'm the new kid on your blog!