Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Butterfly Gold!

What does Momma Koby do when Dudder #1 is flying away from the nest to University? She starts collecting dishes and pyrex, of course!
I had once read in cyberland how a very wise lady was starting collections of vintage dishes for her children. We all know that this thrifting takes time! So once the pattern was decided - of course

-Butterfly Gold (one of the original Livingware patterns) -
for Dudder #1 it began in earnest.

Dudder #2's pattern just happened... but I digress...

Time passed, lots of Thrifting happened, even a trip to an Antique Mall, and voila a usable set to start her kitchen.

September came, she flew and so did parts of her collection. Small Dorm kitchens don't have a lot of space, so overflow is stored at her "big" home. Since then I have been able to pick up a few more pieces - with her Aunt's help as well - but there is still a wish list.
And that takes time...

What to do when you don't know which cup or mug style she will prefer? Why collect them all!
See Corelle Corner for style info

Anchor Hocking Lido glassware just happened to go so well, as did a number of other vintage amber glassware pieces of mine!

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  1. Good evening Lydia! It's been a while...I missed you. I have a few pieces of this set. I should check it out.