Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Cavalier" Luminarc, France

"Cavalier" Luminarc, France, originally uploaded by Lydia Koby.

I love my red Luminarc glassware! My parents used to collect these back in the '70's, and I've been fortunate to have "thrifted" a complete set of 8 of everything! I'm looking forward to using them again over the holidays, they look so festive on the table. I've even been able to add a few pieces of green to spruce up the set.


  1. These are so beautiful, and I can only imagine how stunning your holiday table is going to look! I also love that My Fair Lady plate from a previous post, and I don't think you could help but have a ton of fun on a picnic with that orange Tupperware set!
    Happy REDnesday!

  2. OMG that is beautiful. You are so lucky to have that. What great glassware, especially for Christmas time.

  3. Hello Lydia!
    This is so nice! It is perfect the holidays.
    Thank you for your visit, it feels good to hear from you!