Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jade-ite and more!

I found three of these little darlings and loved their creamy color. They're marked "Corex" made in Canada. (that would have been the Corning Glassware plant in Leaside, Toronto.) For my American friends, they're made off the U.S. Cremax pattern, and are very similar to Piecrust in design. Production began in 1948

Then I spotted Jade-ite! I had no idea if it was real or fake, but they looked old and were the right color . They were also available in a Forest Green glass, but they looked nicer in the jade. I picked the best ones they had and made like a bandit to the Goodwill cashier.

According to my trusty reference book "Fire King and More" by Gene Florence, they're called Fire King Jade-ite Leaf and Blossom set. Worth a pretty penny too, so I did well!

I also found these beautiful green vintage goblets to match my Depression Glass.

Not bad, all of these for $20!

(Merry Christmas to me!)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Cavalier" Luminarc, France

"Cavalier" Luminarc, France, originally uploaded by Lydia Koby.

I love my red Luminarc glassware! My parents used to collect these back in the '70's, and I've been fortunate to have "thrifted" a complete set of 8 of everything! I'm looking forward to using them again over the holidays, they look so festive on the table. I've even been able to add a few pieces of green to spruce up the set.