Monday, November 15, 2010

Jade - ite!

My first pieces of Jade - ite and I'm so excited! After months of searching through all my thrift shops, I finally had to cave in and buy from a dealer.
I've always loved this color and wanted to have at least one piece for myself. While at the Vintage Glass Show & Sale in Mississauga this past weekend, I searched out the best (and lowest priced) pieces I could find.
"Fire-King Jane Ray", by Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation, 1945 - 1963. Two tea cups and two saucers for $15. Now I'm happy...


  1. They are lovely and I think that is a pretty good price! Enjoy them!

  2. Oh you and I really do like similar things. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Jade-ite. My church growing up had them for their dinner service! About 20 yrs ago before it was popular I got my first 2 cups and saucer for $2. I will show my kitchen someday where the cabinets are lined with it!

    you got a good buy!

  3. That is an excellent deal! I'm glad for you :)

  4. Did I just comment? lol

    That is an excellent deal! Lucky you :)

  5. Yea for you! I think they are really lovely. What a great color of green.

  6. I've been kicking myself for years ... Jade-ite ... is what I ate all my meals on when I was a child. If we had only known!!!! Maybe that's why I love the color green?!!!!!! Happy Tea Day!

  7. It's great that your collecting dream has come true! That's a very pretty shade of green.

  8. I think you did good. The prices we have seen are way higher. I'd love to add some Jade-ite to my collection :-)