Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sugar and Creamers seem to find ME!

I've been asked what I collect or look for while Thrifting or combing through Antique sales, and I thought the simple answer was Depression Glass. But taking a look at the items that I've found, I've now realized that the majority of them are Sugars and Creamers!

Many of them are Depression Glass, but the rest are Vintage Glassware or China that catch my eye at the time and pique my interest.

Sometimes I'm able to pick up more pieces to add to the Sugar and Creamers, other times they'll be the only pieces in my collection.

Very odd. I know some people limit their collecting to Tea Cups, or Shakers or Butter Dishes - but Sugar and Creamers? (I rarely even take Sugar or Cream in my Tea!)

Some of the sets are from my memories, I do know this started me off. I saw the same Sugar and Creamer that my Mom always used and started from there.

The set holds fond memories of family get togethers, and I want to foster that with my daughters. I try to use fancy glassware when my family comes over, and even try to use it daily.

So enough self examination, I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my sugar and creamers!


  1. Sometimes we don't realized that we create our own collection! They are lovely, like them all!

  2. Of course, I love the 1st 2 depression glass ones.

    I have a really pretty green depression glass set! And I have a hideous sort-of "house" set! But I love it; it was my Granny's!

  3. What a great collection! We should have a contest to see who can come up with the most uses, or the most creative uses for a creamer and sugar, like q-tips and cotton balls.

    Thanks for sharing your collection with us. I'm still trying to photograph glass as well as you!

  4. I love creamers and have a large collection and then of course sugar bowls started appearing and then wow....a collection and another collection! I love your pieces....beautiful!

  5. did you here that loud "Ooohhhh and Ahhhhh"? That was just me lovin' all your beautiful creamers and sugar sets!

  6. I love sugar and creamer sets too. I actually buy them separate if they don't have a mate and do my own match making.
    I love all of yours. I am so happy you found us!
    Love your pyrex bowls too. Memories of my mom's.
    I hope you will join us weekly. I am your newest follower!
    Blessings, Pam
    PS Mister Linky is working now. Please come and join so all the tea ladies see your treasures.

  7. thank you for stopping by! and your collection! OMG! love it! I'm gonna follow you so I can oogle your collection! thanks for the tip on the book!

  8. I got a book! I got a book! and now I need to go antiquing!!!! have a good weekend!

  9. I agree, there is something so very charming about cream and sugar bowls. I think they are always put out when guest are over and tea or coffee is served, and those are always special times. Your collection is wonderful and charming.

    Thanks for visiting my studio today.