Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rose and Thorn Console - U.S. Glass Company, 1930's

Rose and Thorn Console - 1930, originally uploaded by Lydia Koby.

-a nice way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Found myself this wonderful, old bowl in GREEN! I had no idea what pattern of Depression Glass this was, or who the maker was. It presented a challenge, and a wonderful addition to my collection.


  1. OMWord!!! You started a blog! It's lovely! Thank you for your prayers. Grandpa is a happy camper, but he left us to deal with the relatives, aagggh.

    Seriously though I'm blue, but good friends help. Thank YOU.

  2. I have this too, inherited from my Grandmother! It's beautiful, just used it on Easter for a fruit salad. I am thilled to find your blog and will search for other pieces, I would love to know the pattern names of all the Depression glass I've inherited. Come visit me in Arkansas on Granny Mountain!