Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moon and Star Basket

Sigh... Depression Glass - no, but vintage none the less.
Bought this beautiful pink glass basket from Goodwill for $3.99. This one I could NOT leave behind. It's Moon and Star by L.E. Smith Glass Company. 1970.

Now to decide where to keep it, and what to display in it. Though it looks lovely all by itself.

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Tea Cups

I've always been drawn to tea cups. I must have gotten it from my Mom, because she loves tea cups and has tons of them! A few years ago my sisters and I bought her a huge curio cabinet for her 80th Birthday. It's almost full of tea cups!
Now my curio cabinet is much smaller, and I rotate my favorites on display. Here are a few of the "current" faves:

"Foley" Bone China 1850 EB Made in England. This was gifted to me by my Aunt Stella from Montreal. She sent a package to me a few years ago with several tea cups inside. I love the bird!

"Regency" Genuine Bone China Made in England. Another fave from my Aunt Stella. It's the most delicate shade of yellow.

"Paragon" by Appointment to HM the Queen & HM Queen Mary. Fine Bone China - Made in England. Yup, Aunt Stella again.

This one just says Fine Bone China - England. I have 3 of these (two put away for my girls). My Mom gave them to me, I love the delicate gold!

From 100 Years of Royal Albert, 1930's Polka Rose. My husband and daughters gave me the first 5 decades for Christmas, I hope to get the next 5 decades this year!

and finally

These are demitasse cups, Karolina China, Made in Poland. They have Gooseberries and Blackberries on them. My sister loves to have Expresso when she comes to visit, so I THRIFT-ED 5 of these from the local Salvation Army for $2.50. We're Polish, so I thought it fitting to have some Polish china.

Thanks to Mom Wald who requested these photos, and to Kimberly Shaw who inspires me to no end with her beautiful photography and paintings of tea cups. You should visit them and see what they have:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tavern Plates - Delfe, Holland

No Depression Glass, but I found these interesting little beauties at our local Goodwill last week. There are actually 5, but the last one is chipped, so I didn't photograph it. (poor little thing) They were all taped together, and priced for 2.99. I could see the Delfe mark - and the first plate and thought they were cute! They're just 4 1/2 inches round. The mark is of Royal Sphinx Boch, 1970, Holland.
I guess I've started my Christmas shopping!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Green Glass

OK, Mary, I had to chase down that last sunbeam of the day to take these photos!

I finally found a GREEN Depression glass plate!
Alas, only one was to be found at our Goodwill, and I doubt I'll ever find this set again, so I'll have to settle for an eclectic mix of plates.

It's called "Roulette, or Many Windows", Hocking Glass Company, 1935-1938.
A beautiful shade of light green.

While looking for green glass, I've also found these pretties :

They're "King's Crown, or Thumbprint" Indiana Glass company, 1970's

and these:
"Mt. Vernon" by Indiana Glass - 1967.

I'm happy with my green "thrifted" finds, all under $2 each.

Oh, and Labatt Blue and Corona are getting along great. Here they are having a snooze in the sunshine.

...till the next sunbeam!